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This page last updated June 13, 2008 by Lloyd Johnson

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Shouldn't there be a warning?

You will find here frank discussions and pictures about nudism. You will find it is all appropriate and recommended for all ages. Please take off your clothes and continue.

It's still a dream, but a few of us are working towards a flotilla club in San Diego.


I will maintain a file of trip reports to public places. I also carry a report and photos from the Black's Beach Reunion. And I will find other local resources with recent information.

See some of my ocean wildlife photos.

You should choose nudism on the basis of comfort, health and morals.

If you're looking for a place to go, or looking to make some friends, check out my list of clubs.

Why are you still wearing clothes?  What's your excuse?  You do realize they are only excuses?

Now, the bad news...

And now, a brief nude history of myself....

Like everyone else, I was born nude.  Like most unfortunate people, my mother made me wear clothes.  I am one of the fortunate few because I gradually rediscovered this simple childhood pleasure.  In 1990 I fully realized this when I visited my first nudist resort, Swallows.  I was a full member of that club for a few years.

Then I discovered that the ocean is much deeper and bigger than their pool. You can find me regularly at Black's Beach, and occasionally at San Onofre. I used to visit Rincon Beach once or twice a year. I have been to Silver Strand, but I don't see how it could truly be clothing optional.

My entire family knows that I live a nudist lifestyle.  Some of them have been with me to clothing optional sites.  Most of them chose to undress.  One has been to a nudist resort.  I even discovered that my cousin Randy is every bit the nudist as I am.

If you're on the right part of the Black's Beach, you can't miss me. I'm the guy that swims way out with a camera and webbed gloves. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to swim with dolphins and twice I've swam with seals. I'm always looking for a swimming buddy so please volunteer. If you want sand dollars, I'm the one to talk to. Don't be shy about asking. They're free. Take a look at some of the pictures I've taken.