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There was a major landslide at Black's Beach.  Nobody was present tat the time, but it is believed that it took place February 15 at 3 or 4 am.  This landslide was bigger than anyone could recall ever taking place before.

It was very near the glider port, about halfway between the two main trails.  There was a cliff rescue in this same place last Labor Day Weekend.  It's a place where people often pitch horseshoes.  It's the place where I hosted the Labor Day barbeque and made ice cream.  It's the place where Pablo used to play volleyball.

As I take new pictures, I will scan and post them here.  Thumbnails may come later.

slide01 slide02 slide03 slide04 slide05
slide06 slide07 slide08 slide09 slide10
slide11 before pic   slide13 slide14 slide15
slide16 composite slide18 slide19 slide20

I have laid out some of these as a puzzle.  You might try and match 02 to 07 and 02 to 03, for example.

I managed to find a decent before pic from Memorial Day weekend.  Note the palm tree above Claudia's shoulder.  It must be enchanted to have survived two landslides.  In the before pic, it is at the edge of a small slide that occurred two years ago.  The enchanted Palm is in slide09 and slide05.

In slide01 and slide10 I'm posing in about the same place.  The slide01 pic was taken about February 16 and the slide10 pic was taken April 22.  Notice how much the one rock has crumbled in two months.

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