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This page is organized with the most recent alerts at the top.  Old alerts are only removed when space becomes a problem.  The Naturist Action Committee maintains a broader alert status.

Black's Beach Monster, 2004 New Signs, 2006 San Onofre, 2008
August 27 ruling
San Onofre Appeal California State Parks Commission
December 2010
Trail Damage, 2005 Shark Attack, 2006 US Open / Parking
June 7-16, 2008
San Onofre Rally
September 13, 2009
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January 7, 2010
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May 2009
Citations in California
March 21, 2010
Clothed for a Day, 2006 Shark Attack, 2008 San Onofre, 2009
June 25 ruling
August 9, 2010

California Sate Parks and Recreation Commission:

Naturists attended a public meeting in Old Town December 10, 2010.  Clothing optional use was not on the agenda, but many of us attended and spoke, in order that it might be on the agenda in the future.  The Naturist Society asks that you contact the commission and politely encourage them to put it on the agenda for future consideration.

Some pointers for your letter:
1) Be polite.
2) Don't be anonymous.  Give your name and address.  Let them know you're a resident.  Let them know you're a tourist.
3) Be brief and to the point.
4) Be positive.  Don't scold.
5) Be clear.  State that you support clothing optional use.
6) Thank them for their time and consideration.

California State Park & Recreation Commission
PO Box 942896
Sacramento, CA 94296
Fax: 916-654-6374
Louis Nastro, Assistant to the Commission
California Department of Natural Resources
Natural Resource Agency
1416 9th Street, Suite 1311
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916-653-8102

Please send a copy to...
PO Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903


Please visit the Friends of San Onofre website for information on our petition.  The petition calls on State officials to exercise their authority to designate clothing optional areas within the State Park system.  Black's Beach Bares has signed the petition.  Now we need YOU to write those officials and convince them to act.

Citations in California:

Two citations for nudity have been issued at San Onofre State Beach and four at Gaviota State Park, in Santa Barbara. Rangers told users at Gaviota that citations would continue until the beach was clear of nudists. Does anyone still believe this was just about San Onofre?

A few words from Allen Baylis, our legal representative and my counterpart at San Onofre...

Friends of San Onofre Beach, the Naturist Action Committee and naturists across the globe need your assistance. First and foremost, we must not abandon our beach. If we do not maintain our presence at Trail 6, the Parks Dept. will have won the war. We cannot let that happen. The naturist community is depending on us to stand our ground. 

A citation for violating section 4322 of the California park regulations is a misdemeanor and certainly a legal issue that must be addressed. However it is not as serious as many crimes and is absolutely NOT a sex offense, and a conviction DOES NOT require sex offender registration. 

If our founding fathers had been afraid of a little legal trouble, we would still be a British colony. 

I believe citations will be issued here at Black's Beach soon. Any news of citations or harassment should be brought to my attention, or directly to our legal advisor, Allen Baylis 714-962-0915. Expect the next newsletter with updates in mid-April.

Torrey Pines State Park Website: January 7, 2010

It has been brought to my attention that Torrey Pines State Beach has made a change in their official website that has sparked a panic.  It reads as if they are requiring clothes on the beach.  Read carefully and you will find it's a description of the southern boundary and a summary of the brief legal status of the city beach.

Nudity was legal for only a few years in the mid-seventies on Black's Beach.  A local election ended with a ban on nudity.  At that time the Black family successfully petitioned to change the name of the beach to Torrey Pines City Beach.  So, Black's Beach no longer exists.  The place where we sunbathe is actually the southernmost portion of Torrey Pines State Beach.  It never was Black's Beach, but we still call it by that name.  When there is a landslide or cliff rescue miles north of what was once Black's Beach, reporters still call it Black's Beach.

Nudity was banned on the city beach thirty years ago, but not enforced until ten years ago.  There has been no change on our beach.  I was there and nude earlier today. (January 8, 2010)

San Onofre Rally: 11:30-1:00  September 13, 2009

Don't let San Onofre rangers defy the August 27, 2008 court order.  Join the rally and demonstrate that we follow the law and legitimate authority.

Friends of San Onofre won their lawsuit August 27, 2008.  An appellate court overturned our victory June 25, 2009.  Then Friends of San Onofre appealed to the California Supreme Court.  This latest appeal puts our loss on hold until the case is heard or rejected.  The August 27, 2008 court order to uphold the Cahill Decision stands.  Rangers at San Onofre are threatening to defy the court order and issue citations beginning September 8.

In my August newsletter, I advised everybody to stand ready, that you would be needed soon.  This is it. You are needed.  Friends of San Onofre, the Naturist Society and Black's Beach Bares are only as powerful as the number of people who answer the call.  I will be at that rally, not at Black's Beach.  There will be a picnic, but I ask you to skip that picnic.  Come to defend nude recreation at San Onofre and the entire state of California.

For more information contact Friends of San Onofre.

San Onofre Appeal to California Supreme Court: July 23, 2009

From Friends of San Onofre

The Naturist Action Committee and Friends of San Onofre Beach have filed their Petition for Review in the California Supreme Court. This action along with others being taken by us effectively puts the Fourth District Court of Appeal's order on hold. Therefore, the Cahill/Harrison Regulation is at this time valid and enforceable throughout California.


Please be assured that the Naturist Action Committee, Friends of San Onofre Beach, and our attorney, Elva Kopacz, are working hard to continue the fight to save the traditional clothing optional beaches in the California state parks. The Naturist Action Committee continues to represent the interests of Naturist Society affiliated public lands naturist groups throughout California.


Additionally, the Parks Department has now stated publicly on several occasions that they will not issue citations until after Labor Day. Based on our legal actions, however, it will likely be much longer that that... if ever.

San Onofre: June 25, 2009

The Court of Appeals rules in favor of Parks Department.  Friends of San Onofre provides more complete information.  They have met with rangers (July 3, 2009) and learned of their plan.  There will be an "education" period through the summer.  After the summer season, citations will be issued.  Friends of San Onofre intends to fight every citation.  Contact them for more information.

Auburn State Recreation Area, May 2009

Auburn city council passed a  resolution asking for increased enforcement and citations for nudity at the nearby Auburn State Recreational Area.  The good news is that the park managers indicated that they do not feel obligated to change their existing enforcement policies concerning simple nudity. 

We should all write to them to thank them, before they change their minds.  The full text of the NAC Action Alert can be found at  The site includes, history, law, tips and addresses.

Alcohol Citations: July 6, 2008

Alcohol was banned on Black's Beach effective May 1, 2008.  I know citations have been issued.  I know one was issued during the US Open by police on ATVs.  I know two were issued July 6 by a ranger.  I know one involved a glass bottle.  They are not waiting for you to stumble around.  They are looking for violations.  They even have an alcohol detecting device.

June 7-16, 2008

The US Open will close the gliderport and parking for that week, more or less.  Determined individuals should check other routes to the beach.  It would also be a good idea to visit San Onofre to bolster their numbers.  We are working toward Saturday picnics at San Onofre, June 7 & 14.  Please join us with the most people in the fewest cars.

June 9:    The street was blocked to cars.  The parking lot was empty.  Bicycles and pedestrians were allowed to pass and hike down to the beach.

June 8:    This sign was posted at Torrey Pines Scenic Drive.  The information was inaccurate.  We were able to park and we were able to access the beach.  Once the tournament actually begins, you should expect some parking and access problems.

June 7:    I parked at the gliderport, without any problem.  A friend spoke to a cop who answered that they would not be closing the lot to beach use.  I wonder...  If they were going to use the lot, wouldn't they improve it?  It is beginning to look like we will be able to park, but we will have to fight through traffic and we may not find a space.

June 6:    Despite signs stating no beach access, people were able to park.  The lot was packed, but beach users were allowed access.

June 4:    At least one parking ticket was issued to a car still parked at the gliderport at 8:15pm, fifteen minutes after the lot closes.

San Onofre

August 27, 2008

A judgment has been made in our favor in the San Onofre case.  Cahill/Harrison is a regulation and cannot be revoked or changed without a public hearing.  This means rangers at San Onofre cannot begin issuing citations until after that hearing takes place.  This proves what we have said all along, and rangers denied.  IT IS LEGAL.

July 9, 2008:

Friends of San Onofre have filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  The basis of the suit is that this was a unilateral decision, and that public input is required for a policy shift of this magnitude.  The suit calls for the reinstatement of the Cahill Policy, pending compliance with the California Administrative Procedure Act.  The actual petitions are available through the NAC website.

June 30, 2008:

I have received a report that rangers swept the beach June 30, 2008 demanding that everyone get dressed.  It has not yet been confirmed.  Anyone who was present should contact Allen Bayliss and share what you know.

June 14, 2008

Upon visiting San Onofre, I found several of these signs posted, some at the entrance, some at trail 6, some along trail 6 and some on the beach.  There was no harassment or enforcement by rangers that day.  Enforcement is supposed to begin September 1, 2008.

May 21, 2008

Our neighboring nude beach to the north, San Onofre, is about to lose their nude status.  The Cahill Policy, as it applies to San Onofre State Beach, will be revoked, effective June 1, 2008.  The action alert from the Naturist Society is available, with all its' details and updates. 

This is urgent.  Please read the action alert carefully and send a polite letter to the state parks director.  As explained in the action alert, there is no direct threat against Black's Beach at this time, but it could happen here too. 

What caused this?  New rangers have used the public sex on Camp Pendleton to paint us all as participants in the illicit sex.  It is exactly what we have feared.  It is why we must be organized.

If you are not already on my email list, please write me, so I can circulate the news as fast and effectively as possible.  I manage the list personally.  It is not automated.  People are on the list only because they ask, and they are removed as soon as they ask.  I use this list to send out ten newsletters a year, and perhaps ten other time sensitive issues.  It is not a SPAM list and I send out everything as a blind carbon copy.

I will be circulating a flyer in bright pink.  Please download, print and circulate this flyer.

Shark Attack, April 25, 2008

There was a fatal shark attack at a nearby beach, Solana.  A man was swimming about 1/4 mile from shore with other triathletes.  A shark, presumably a great white, attacked from below.  His leg was bitten in half.  His friends helped him to shore, but he died on the beach.  According to the news, 17 miles of beaches were closed, as a result.

Local TV stations showed maps of closed beaches as far south as Scripps Pier, with includes Black's Beach.  Lifeguards say the closure area ended at Flatrock, which does not include Black's Beach.  Regardless, people were swimming and body surfing without incident and without lifeguard interference.  It is just as safe to swim as it ever was.

Beach Clothed for the Remainder of the Day, September 1, 2007

Check the September 2007 newsletter for details.  Updated in the November/December 2007 newsletter.

Salk Expansion, March 2007:

The proposed expansion of Salk Institute will impact our local environment, take away street parking and give us more traffic.  Please contact Friends of Salk Canyon to oppose the plan.

Sand Shark Attacks, October 22, 2006:

Is Black's Beach the site of some genetic experiment gone wrong?  That may be the explanation for this land shark terrorizing swimmers and surfers alike.  How else can such a beast emerge from the waves and attack people on the beach?

New Signs Erected, August 4, 2006:

There is no cause for alarm, but there is cause for concern.

Rangers installed new signs today.  One set of signs were posted at the southern end of Mussel Rocks, our northern boundary.

The top sign warns about rip currents and submerged rocks.

The next sign down is the offending sign.  It implies a stronger prohibition than the Cahill Policy allows, and it encourages user conflict.

The next sign states that you have to carry your trash out.

The bottom sign indicates dogs are not allowed.

The other set was posted at the boundary between the City Beach and the State Beach, our southern boundary.  The following pictures summarize the southern boundary signs.

South of the Burro Trail you will see this rock.  The sign is not shown in this thumbnail picture.  Click on it and you will see the sign at the right edge of the full size picture.

These are the four signs.

We have no problem with the prohibition of dogs.  It is difficult to reconcile with City signs that say dogs are allowed during certain times.

We are glad to see a clear statement that you must pack out your trash.

This sign is the problem.  It leaves out the reality of the Cahill Policy and encourages user conflict.

We have been hoping for a sign to clearly mark the boundary.

We are not asking that anybody take any action.  We believe there is no reason to be alarmed.  We believe nothing has changed, but we also believe people should be aware of this development.  We will be requesting a meeting with the appropriate ranger to discuss this matter, and we will keep people informed through this website and through newsletters.  If you have news of further developments, please email me.

Beach Clothed, March 12, 2006:

This new sign was posted up north, near the steel buoy.  Black's Beach Bares met with Jody Kummer, the supervising ranger at Torrey Pines State Park on February 7.  She stated that the sign is meant to mark a new boundary for the clothing optional area.  While she said this, she refused to acknowledge that nudity is legal on the state beach.  The reason for taking this action is that they have received numerous complaints about nudity, and has even had the grounds to clothe the beach under the Cahill Policy.  At that meeting she suggested that a discussion of state parks was taking place and that we may gain a sign advising that people may encounter nude sunbathers.  The likely location of that sign would be around Mussel Rocks.  We waited and the decision came down that there would be no sign.

I received word that rangers ordered people to dress, via loudspeaker and under threat of citation.  I contacted Jody Kummer and she informed me that a man walked nude, north of Flat Rock picking up trash.  She received more than one complaint.  The violation occurred on a portion of the beach that was not the traditional nude beach, yet she applied the Cahill Decision.  The man was found and cited.  She claims there were three other nude people on the beach at the time.  I have talked to two of them.

The impact on us was small this time, only because there were very few people on the beach.  Black's Beach Bares questions their authority to change traditional boundaries and to apply the Cahill Decision so broadly.  But, we can avoid this sort of problem while negotiating, if we inform people before they cross the boundary.  Informing this man would have saved him the citation, and spared innocent people the loss of their freedom for the day.  It is everyone's business when etiquette is ignored.

July 22, 2005

Bits and pieces of jellyfish have been seen in the surf on a daily basis.  Even the fragments sting on contact.  The purple jellyfish and the reddish brown jellyfish only cause a poison ivy-like itch. Scratching spreads it.  You should simply avoid scratching and it goes away in less than an hour.
reddish brown fragment

whole reddish brown


March 25, 2005

The lifeguards' access road, Salk Canyon Road, is closed to pedestrian traffic.  It's currently undergoing repairs and is filled with heavy equipment.  It is anticipated that it will only be closed for a few weeks.

February 25, 2005

The Burro Trail to Black's Beach has suffered heavy damage from the recent storm.  We know the trail was fine during our rain expedition of February 21, 2005.  I have received a report that the trail was damaged as early as February 23, so it must have been the heavy rain of February 22 that brought it down.

Deep mud flows have buried portions of the trail.  Mud slides have emptied parts of the trail leaving deep and wide crevasses.  Three staircases near the bottom have been demolished, the Stairway to Heaven, the long staircase above that, and another staircase above that.


February 26, 2005


February 26, 2005

March 11, 2005
Many steps in the Stairway to Heaven were crushed by boulders that rolled over it and it's broken lose from its' anchor.

February 25, 2005

April 15, 2005
Boulders must have crushed the long staircase above that, but it was also crushed like an accordion by a mud flow.

February 25, 2005

April 3, 2005
The staircase above that was also crushed like an accordion and the handrail has been removed.
February 25, 2005
A few steps between those two staircases have been drained.  They used to be made of 2x8s placed vertically to hold soil.  Now the soil is gone and it resembles a ladder laying on the ground.

February 26, 2005

April 2, 2005

There are a few large boulders in the narrow ravine.  There is also mud and a trickle of water still flowing through, making it very slippery.  The loose staircase in the ravine is now on the beach.  Handrails of galvanized pipe are now bent beyond use.  Cinder blocks and concrete have been crushed. Below the ravine, where there were once sandbag retaining walls, one wall is gone.

The trail is in the worst condition I have seen in my fourteen years of use.  I spoke with Black's Beach Diggers today and they are already talking about repair.  In fact, one of them has already cleared paths through some of the deep mud flows.  But the damage is extensive and cannot be repaired quickly.  Furthermore, we expect more rain, so quick repairs will likely be undone by new storms.  The Diggers wonder if this might be the time to take the trail a new direction, separate from the flow of water.

The Diggers are talking about having a sandbagging party.  Donations are appreciated, but strong backs would be better.  If you wish to contribute either, I can forward your offer.


August 2004

This grainy and fuzzy picture of a strange creature inhabiting the waters of Black's Beach was taken August 3, 2004.  Swimmers should exercise caution if they spot it.



Four incidents of break-ins have been mentioned to me recently.  Cars have been broken into while parked at the gliderport.  In one incident, only a few quarters were taken from the ash tray.  In another incident a woman found a man trying to open a car with a coat hanger.  She asked the man what was going on and he answered that he'd locked his keys inside.  The woman asked how he managed to lock his keys in her car.  He ran away.

The point is to think twice before hiding your valuables in your car while you're on the beach.

To anyone planning to visit Black's Beach June12, 2004...  You should be aware that the graduation ceremonies at UCSD may cause you some access problems, traffic congestion and limited parking.

Rip tides have been especially strong lately and several rescues have been necessary.  If you are a weak swimmer, try to stay out of deep water.  If caught in a rip current, try to stay calm and conserve your energy.  To get out, swim parallel to shore for a while, then swim to shore.

To anyone planning to visit Black's Beach any day from Feb 9-15, 2004...

Please be advised that the Buick Invitational will cause parking and traffic problems. Access is along the same road and golf fans use the same parking lot. Parking attendants will be checking for parking permits. Beach users intent on using the gliderport lot should expect delays and tell the attendant they are going to the beach. They must let you in, but you may find it difficult to find a space.

Torrey Pines Scenic Drive is already marked No Parking Feb 11-15.

Also, you should expect severe traffic delays when leaving the lot.

If you brave all this, I hope it's a good day, to make it worth it.

Topfreedom Battle in Florida

The San Diego wildfires have left Swallows Sun Island in Ruins.  Nearly every residence has been destroyed, but the much of the resort facilities seem to be intact.  Take a look for yourself at  At some time in the near future, Black's Beach Bares will offer some assistance, if they choose to rebuild.


There have been citations for nudity issued on the city beach July 18, 2003.  Check the blacks page for boundary information and contact us if you've received a citation recently.  Nudity on the state beach continues without incident.


Recent news coverage of nude youth camps has caused a great deal of controversy lately.  Our opposition believes that it is wrong for kids to go to summer camp nude.  Our opposition may take advantage of this controversy to try and remove kids from nude recreation.

At times like these it is important that public officials be aware that our opinion counts too.  I encourage everyone to visit the following site and share their opinion in a poll.

I took the next step and contributed the following to the discussion.

This is about freedom.  We say we live in a free country, but some people would impose unreasonable restrictions on that freedom.  The thing about giving freedom is that you never know what will be done with it.  If we say that people are not free to choose nude recreation, then they are not free.

These are nudist children of nudist parents.  The parents know what goes on in the camp.  These are not hundreds of kids, only dozens.  These kids live in small towns and have few nudist friends.  They want to spend summer vacation nude with other nudist kids.  Sending them to a clothing compulsive summer camp would be a punishment.  These kids choose to be nude.

These kids are not thrown into a hot tub.  The summer camp is not a dedicated summer camp.  It's an organization sharing a family resort with regular users, which includes adults and other families.  These kids can use the hot tub, but would rather play in the pool or sprinkler.

I facilitated a trip to Black's Beach for the western division of this group August 2002.  I first visited them at their camp at a nudist resort.  I found these kids doing kids things, arts and crafts, ball games...  At the beach the kids played Frisbee, made sand castles and played in the surf.  Other than the fact that they were nude, they did nothing and nothing was done to them that would not have been done at a church picnic.

There were unsavory individuals trying to get a peek, but there were also vigilant adults.  There are unsavory individuals everywhere, but in other setting we deal with those individuals rather than blaming the innocent.  The adult supervisors were vigilant, as were the members of my group.  The older kids were also aware of the strange people who try to infiltrate the nudist community.  It is good that adults protect the kids, but it's even better that kids learn to protect themselves.

This is supposed to be a free country where even controversial ideas get a chance.  This current controversy is nothing less than an attempt to stop this wholesome lifestyle from growing.  Some people will point at the unsavory individuals and say it's not wholesome.  I say, give us equal protection against them.  To those that would ask why they have to be nude, I give two answers.  1) They don't have to be.  They choose to exercise their freedom in a way you don't understand.  2) Why not?